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We proudly present you the Planeta Explorers team, a group of friends from all over the globe.

Thailand – January 2018

A real computer wizzard she is, but what she really likes is enjoying life in good company 

Aya Lev: travel with good people

Founder, Planeta Explorers

My name is Aya Lev. I always had a passion for travels. I grew up in the north of Israel. My parents used to take me and my brother on trips around Israel and the world. They gave me a great opportunity to get to know new cultures, people and lifestyle. Today, I live in La Herradura (south of Spain) with my husband and our two kids (Yahli 4yo and Gon 2yo). We decided to travel around the world 10 years ago. Our first trips to Latin America, Nepal and India were alone, without kids. We fell in love with the endless opportunities and true freedom.
After we came back from our trips and joined the university, we decided to become real digital nomads and started to prepare our life for this change (I became a computer programmer to make it easier for me to work remotely and travel).

In 2017, we started the journey. Our first stop was Hoi An, Vietnam. This was an amazing experience. From there we moved from USA to India, experienced Hong Kong and Singapore, lived in Thailand and enjoyed Mexico. We visited over twenty countries with the kids. Although we love to travel as a family, we always valued being part of communities and creating new friendships. We want to keep experiencing different communities and cultures. When we are on the road, it’s harder to make those connections last. So we decided all together to go for it. Earlier this year, I left my job as a computer programmer (after 8 years) and now I’m fully dedicated with my time and energy to connect two of my biggest passions: travel and good people.

“We fell in love with the endless of opportunities and true freedom.”

“…we decided to become real digital nomads and started to prepare our life for this change.”

Railay Beach, Thailand 2017

Irina is a creative business woman from the world; born in Africa and a real globetrotter. 

Irina Schugurensky: wanderlust since forever

Founder, Planeta Explorers

I’m Irina, I was born with the travel virus in my veins: I’m Argentinean/Chilean, but born in Mozambique. I studied Business Management and my passion has always been travelling. I worked for a overland company in Africa for 4 years and when I returned to Argentina, I created my own travel guidebook for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Jimmy came into my life after meeting in Mexico while travelling solo, and later on, our little boy Tristán was born. We felt the urge to travel, to explore and experience different countries and cultures as a family and we decided to become nomadic in 2016.

My dream has always been to have the freedom and flexibility of working and travelling, in a creative way, which is also the reason why I started my guidebook when I was younger. Now, having a family, I’m glad we created Planeta Explorers. It’s exactly what I always had in mind; a combo of travelling, making a living, and all of this in the company of my family and friends!

“we felt the urge to travel, to explore and experience different countries and cultures as a family and we decided to become nomadic in 2016.”

Joice with her partner Ale

Joice’s profession is entertaining and education kids. She has a real gift, all kids just adore her!

Joice S. Risnic: live with love and compassion

Director of Pedagogic, Planeta Explorers

My name is Joice, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I am a mother, pedagogue and art therapist, and have worked in the field of education for 25 years. I have worked as a teacher, coordinator and principal at various innovative schools. I worked and participated in educational institutions and social actions in Brazil and around the world. I researched innovative pedagogical approaches in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and USA. I focused on culture of peace, conflict mediation and multiple intelligence, applied neuroscience in education, learning processes and the relationship between creativity and emotions. On these trips, I was introduced to educational initiatives and was presented with transformative encounters that continue to inspire and reverberate in me with love and compassion.

As a child, I was very fortunate to have parents who took me on unforgettable adventures. Being immersed in new cultures, getting to know new markets, people, nature and local artists has been part of my life. I’m enchanted by all life on our planet. I’m fascinated to observe how children interact with their own universe by transforming their capacity to play, listen and be present. Currently, I live in southern Spain with my husband Alexandre Rabello, with whom I developed two projects: Pathways Workshops (related to the awakening of creativity and the relationship of creative processes to emotional intelligence) and Los Camaleones (an itinerant school).

“I was very fortunate to have parents who liked to travel in unforgettable adventures..”

Alexandre with his partner Joice

Alexandre is part of the ‘Los Camelions’ project for kids. He develops and facilitates Capoeira and Theater Classes

Alexandre Rabello: life in movement

Director of Art & Movement, Planeta Explorers

My name is Alexandre Rabello. I have a degree in Performing Arts and Body Arts – São Paulo- Brazil. I’m an actor, director, performer, coordinator, producer, teacher and clown.
My relationships in life and art are based on human existence. To be artists, first we have to be people, real human beings. I also have a degree in Accounting and Administration. I currently practice yoga, mindfulness, contemporary dance, capoeira and butoh. During my journey I met with great directors from Brazil, Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal – all people with whom I exchanged valuable knowledge and experiences.

My focus is to develop the state of individual presence and the presence in relation to the OTHER, to work the ludic, to carry out studies and experiences, to research on the different human ways of expressing oneself in the world, so as to expand possibilities, with our hearts always beating in our passions! Self-knowledge, nature, sports, travel and the arts are the engines of my well-being. Joice and I started traveling together in 2018 and on this journey we arrived in southern Spain, where we developed two projects together, and where I also teach capoeira and theater classes.

“My relationship with art in life based on human existence.”

Playa del Carmen, Mexico – February 2020

Yonatan is an experienced online marketing and cyber security consultant. Yonatan’s goal is to develop new projects around the world

Yonatan reut: leverage the mainstream lifestyle

Founder, Planeta Explorers

My name is Yonathan and I’m 32 years old. I met Aya 12 years ago and since then, we haven’t stopped traveling. I grew up in a small kibbutz in the north of Israel. Since I was young, I remember drawing maps of the world. I was sure that trips around the world would be a huge part of my life. I had the privilege to travel all over Israel and the Mediterranean. After my military service I started to explore different destinations more often. First in the USA, and after in Europe, America and Asia.
I first realized the nomadic lifestyle was right for me when we traveled in Latin America in 2010. We had a chat with a graphic designer who just finished a project by the pool and went to upload it in the nearby internet cafe. A few weeks after that, we met a Canadian accountant in Panama who did her work, mostly remotely, while traveling around the world. We felt that this was a great time to plan our future accordingly.

After I met those digital nomads, I couldn’t think about sitting in an office for year after year, just enjoying my family for a few hours in the evenings. I knew that I couldn’t continue with the ‘rat race’ and I had to prepare my life for a different lifestyle. And so, I decided to “leverage” the mainstream lifestyle. After three years in university, and three years of work for tech companies, I had enough confidence and resources to go on the journey with my family. Since then, we’ve been on the road for almost four years. We started in Vietnam (where we met Irina and Jimmy) and visited over 15 countries. We realized that our passion for travels never ends but our need for community is growing all the time. This is why we decided to work on Planeta Explorers. Together with Joice and Ale, we can provide an advanced and creative pedagogical program for the kids while offering workspace and facilities for the parents.

“…I couldn’t think about sitting in office for years over years…”

“I knew that I can’t continue with the ‘rat race’ and I have to prepare my life for a different lifestyle”

Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam 2018

Travelling, sports and working in tourism are Jimmy’s passions. Receiving guests, entertaining and guiding them is what he loves to do.

Jimmy Leys: has the “itchy feet syndrom”

Founder, Planeta Explorers

Hi, I’m Jimmy from Belgium. The travel bug was somehow injected in my blood when I was still very young. I decided to study tourism, and worked several years abroad in the tourism branch, traveling to many countries. During one of my long-term trips in Tulum, Mexico, I met Irina. This was a total life-changer. I moved to her country, Argentina, where we made a travel guidebook for several years called ‘Get South,’ and now we are living the nomadic life with our biggest love, Tristán, our 5-year-old boy. We were travelling a lot for our guidebook, but we went totally nomadic in November 2016. The three of us left with a one way ticket to southeast Asia. In Vietnam we met Aya and Yonatan and our paths have crossed many times since.

Travelling and living abroad is amazing, but after a while it can get a bit lonely. In the south of Spain we ended up in a really great destination with lots of families, amongst them also Aya & Yonathan and Joyce & Ale, but the “itchy feet” syndrome is something all our families suffer from. We quickly realized that we are not made to stay in the same place for long. That’s how the idea was born; Planeta Explorers, combining travelling with living in a community. For me personally it’s a real delight. For our nomadic life I changed from working in face-to-face tourism, my real passion, to designing websites. Planeta Explorers allows me to combine both skills.

“the “Itchy Feet” syndrome is something all our families suffer from and we quickly realized that we are not made to stay in the same place for long.”

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