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Planeta Explorers is a creative community of families, living life on the road and sharing the journey with others. The project is led by three couples, all experienced travellers and entrepreneurs who share the same vision – to create a nomadic community engaged in educational, culturally-sensitive adventures designed for families. For us, life is about engaging in exciting new experiences while travelling with our kids, learning about diverse cultures and immersing in new ways of life. We know that the best way to do this is in collaboration with other families so that both the children and the parents can benefit from the fabric of community and form deep friendships.

After many years of traveling solo, we realized that long-term family travel is a great experience but lacks two important aspects of day-to-day life – being part of a community and interacting with like-minded families. The constant search for activities and playdates for our kids and the yearning for profound long-term friendships distracted from the beauty of our journeys. While we love to explore new destinations as a family, we acknowledge the importance of social connections and relevant, age-appropriate activities for our kids. After meeting so many traveling families with the same sentiments, we came up with the idea to create a structured community of traveling families – and Planeta Explorers was born.

Aya, Yonatan, Yahli & Gon 

Irina, Jimmy & Tristán

Joice & Ale

How Is It Going To Work:

Planeta Explorers will stay approximately 3 months in one destination, the perfect session length to get to know the destination, the local culture and to be involved in volunteering projects. Each session we will choose a new country or continent. In evey destination we will find a perfect place for our creative community and its activities. Each family will have private sleeping arrangements, but share communal spaces such as pool, gardens, play areas, workspace and kitchen.

We will accept a limited number of families in each session. Keeping the community small provides the best experience for both the adults and the kids. Daily kids activities and an educational program will be implemented by our professional team of educators, in addition to on-site yoga, capoeira and other adventures & excursions.

Eating together is always one of the most special moments in a community; sharing, chitchatting, laughing, getting to know each other. That’s why we decided to include healthy organic meals in our packages. If you are vegetarian, vegan, need gluten-free meals … not a problem at all, just inform us.

Many families combine travelling with work. A special quiet coworking space with excellent internet will always be part of our setup, allowing you to stay productive and connected.

Together, we will enjoy the communal lifestyle, create new friendships and expand our social connections while living in the same place.


Our first program in the ALGARVE in PORTUGAL, has been postponed due to the global pandemic. We hope to be able to announce a new date and place as soon as possible!

The program details and prices will be announced soon. Leave your details and you’ll be informed first!
No obligations whatsoever!



Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any extra questions, doubts or requests. You can reach us via Whatsapp:
– Education: Joice & Ale
– Accommodation: Aya / Irina
– Activities: Yonatan / Jimmy

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Unfortunately we had to postpone our first program in the Algarve in Portugal due to the global pandemic.

But this doesn't mean that we are not planning to launch a new program as soon as possible, many families wanted to join us!

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